Social Media? More Like Social Exclusion

By Srishti Iyer

Today we love to upload selfies on Instagram, post live updates of our lives even though no one cares on Snapchat and use Facebook as a decoy to annoy people by sending them Criminal Case requests. This, is the new addiction; this is social media. We do all sorts of things to project ourselves in the best light. Even our profile pictures are a work of at least 12 hours of finding the best phone cameras, lighting and filters to make us look exclusive. But at the end of the day most us end up drinking and smoking, living an absolute meaningless life that we don’t believe in. Everything is externalized to the extent that the lack of technology would cause immense emptiness in a person’s life.

Today we wake up to the buzz of our mobile phones, sit for hours in front of computer screens, living in our own mental space and accumulating thoughts that just don’t really manifest into any action. By the end of the day most of our mental energy is sucked into chatting with people, impressing them with a fake persona that doesn’t represent the core of you and presents an image of infallibility that is the ultimate illusion a social media platform presents in front of you.

Technology today has sensitized us to the extent of madness where even not seeing a notification feels like a rejection. We keep playing the game of rejection and acceptance and that makes us feel like we have control over our reality. This is the period of information overload where multiple people have varied opinions and they have conviction of words to influence. Social media is the best platform to influence and be influenced because it weighs the strength of expression over authenticity.

It’s also a big addiction. It has become an extension of whom we are and using this extension time and again, could be ridiculously addictive. It lets you judge and colour people in your own light and encourage you to create your own narcissistic bubble that can then come in the way of having a deep human connection. You argue with people on things that are subjective to reality and experience and use your thoughts derived from social platforms to colour your reality in a way that cannot include another’s imagination. This is a lonely existence, truly a lonely one.

The buzz of social media may color our present with possibilities but its drawbacks have to be consciously recognized to find ways to cope with its effects. Consciousness about the way the functionality of social media affects social lives is very important and more important is to make right lifestyle changes. The first step is acknowledgement and the next – you decide!



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  1. Yes ! My kids are so obsessed with their devices


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