10 Wantrobe (Wardrobe) Staples

By Aayushi Soni


These items are not must-have; they’re need-to-have! Even if you are a worker with a mind-blowing paycheck or if you’re a student with a limited budget for your wardrobe why not focus on things that are versatile rather than going with the flow and buying trends that would sooner than later just disappear!


1. Perfect pair of jeans

Of course, this is number one. You know… there’ve been 3 days where I’ve survived in just one pair of jeans?! The trick is to not get it dirty my friends. You can always borrow a shirt or a t-shirt from someone (guys included) but you do need to have your own bottoms. I would personally stick to a classic pair of black jeans but to each it’s own, right? After all, the famous all-black look can be achieved only with it.


2. Pair of leggings

As much as a fashionista like me avoids leggings, on days I either don’t have time to rack my brains on what to wear or am too lazy (yes, I’ve those days too!); they sure are a saviour. Plus they go perfectly well with boyfriend shirts & t-shirts (as long as they cover your butt and crotch).


3. Long Skirt/Wrap around skirt/Maxi skirt

Now I know; this item is never there in an essentials list but you’ll really need to learn to expect the unexpected in my blog posts. Firstly, a long skirt suits all kinds of body types. Secondly, when you face a crises of either not having waxed or not in the mood to wear something skin-fitting the said item is your answer. Thirdly, it looks very beautiful! All you’ve to do is pair it with a solid coloured top (safe options: black and white) and if you’re feeling a bit daring; pair it with a printed top.


4. Black/White/Grey t-shirt

Black is again an essential for an all-black look. Plus it goes with majority of the stuff in your closet. Same goes for a white (an all-white outfit is of-the-moment look). While grey is something which I myself have recently started admiring; it’s the mix of the previous colours and coincidentally does happen to go with all colours. So, rather than sticking to the classics; feel free to venture out in a grey & a pair of purple jeans. Just make sure the said tops don’t hang loose, fit you well and accentuate your body.


5. Graphic T-shirt

A tee shirt with maybe your favourite quote on it (you can have it printed) or any tee really… Just something to throw on a pair of jeans on a day you’re in a hurry [NOT A BATMAN OR SUPERMAN ONE (too mainstream)]. You see models wearing it all the time when they’re off duty. Also don’t forget to half-tuck it to give yourself some extra personality.


6. White shirt

I can honestly swear by this shirt. It’ll go on long skirts, any length of skirts (and we all know how hard is it to pair one with) and even work for an interview. It’s like the Tony Stark of the wardrobe: It not only saves the day but also has the right to gloat about it. Just add some vintage neckpiece over the shirt.


7. Little Black Dress

There are certain rules of fashion that are written in stone; an LBD being a staple is one of them. Now I’m not asking you to stick to the old version of it… Feel free to experiment round it. Add in ruffles, colour, sheer material and even the currently trending cut-outs. Wearing with block heels will give you an edge.

C:\Users\Dr. Prabhat Soni\Desktop\Fashionnn\62678.jpg

8. Blazer

It can be worn at an interview, a date as well as at a semi formal dinner. The blazer also helps in the transition for spontaneous post-work drink plans. Just make sure it fits you well and not hangs loose; after all the beauty of a blazer lies in it’s fit.

Rich colours: Blush coloured (peachy in layman’s term), emerald green and of course a classic black one.


9. Summer dress

A dress you can throw on without a second thought; (no shaved underarms required or a tube or too short to travel in public transport). Just a pretty, cute and girly day dress which should be fairly easy to take from day to night if need be. Make sure the material is light like cotton. Rather than styling with flip-flops, go for the of-the-moment and also practical: sneakers.


10. A simple Indian outfit

It could be a sari, a lehenga, an anarkali (I personally find them more graceful than churidars) or even a kurti (throwback to traditional days in college). Plus a sari is kind of sexy… and it never hurts to keep your Indian pride on right?

You can also add in a denim jacket as a current staple… Goes on everything really! And, yes this is only clothing. Also DONOT be stingy as these are items of clothing that you will be wearing atleast twice a week… Invest in one shot than buying the same cheap quality twice a year.

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