20 in 20

Ritu Chandiramani

I recently turned 20 and I was really excited about the fact that I was now closer to turning 21, until a close friend pointed out that technically I am now in the third decade of my life. So as someone who is now in the third decade of her life and feels really old, I decided to impart some wisdom of my own. So I present to you *insert drumroll*

20 things I’ve learnt till 20!

  • Friends are the family you choose
    It’s really important to find friends that stick around and become your family. Even if they’re completely insane and like having French fries with Ice Cream.


  • You don’t need to drink to have fun
    You may not believe this, but you’re still a bad dancer after having three beers. You don’t need to be drunk to dance or have a fun sleepover with your friends or go on a fun trip together.


  • Always have a snack in your bag
    Lectures and meetings don’t end on time, it is absolutely no use planning when you’re going to have your next meal. Hence, it is safe to always have food in your backpack.


  • Strength comes in many forms
    Strength doesn’t just mean being strong physically. It also means being able to deal with situations that are the most difficult for you. It also means moving forward even though it seems almost impossible.


  • Never underestimate people
    Underestimating someone is what might prevent them from coming out of their shell in the first place. Being practical and being supportive are not linked.


  • Smoking kills.
    No seriously, it does.


  • You don’t have to like people to be nice to them
    Even if it’s someone who seriously annoys you, smile once in a while. Just because you’re having a bad day, doesn’t mean everyone else should.


  • It does matter what college you go to
    Forget the education part of it, a college of your choice guarantees that at least half the people that you meet there will be on the same page as you, which leads to good friendships, which leads to fun, which leads to less stress. See what I’m getting at?


  • SLEEP is the solution to all your problems (No, Seriously!)

  • Grades don’t define you.
    I’m not a straight A student, never have been. It’s not something I’ve ever been ashamed of it because there are a lot of people who have become successful without getting good grades. Remember, if a chai-wallah can do it, so can you!


  • I’d rather live somewhere I can see the stars clearly.
    City life is amazing, it is. I love the fact that there are ten thousand people in your face at all times. And that every time you turn, there’s a new building coming up somewhere. But I’d rather lie on the grass and look at the stars and imagine myself in a cliché movie scene


  • Crying in public is not that bad.
    When you’re in college, you realize that stuff happens, more than you thought it would. And when that happens, you either cry or you kill people, I, personally, prefer the first one.


  • It’s okay to eat whatever you want
    It’s your choice! You want to eat pork? It’s cool. You wanna eat Frogs? That’s cool. You wanna go vegan? That’s cool too. You know what’s not cool? Forcing that choice on other people.


  • All is not fair in love and war
    “All is fair in love and war” was a proverb written in the 16th century, we’re in the 21st. Its high time we get over it.


  • Important lessons are learnt outside the classroom
    Need I explain this one?


  • Comfortable clothing is very important
    So important! Chuck the pants and wear something comfortable. Nobody cares what you wear and even if they do, why should it matter to you?


  • First impressions are wrong
    First impressions are almost always wrong. You may find more in common with the “weird girl with red hair” than the girl you’ve known since high school.


  • It won’t matter in five years
    When you’re stressed, ask yourself, “will it matter in five years?” and if the answer is No, move on.



    Travel everywhere and anywhere. Go alone or with people who don’t annoy you. For the world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.

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