Style Comes from Within

“Style comes from within.”

Donna Karan

Hiral Satra

You could deck up in all the couture you find, wear the priciest jewellery there is and lug around the most exquisite accessories but your look will never seem quite complete if your sense of style doesn’t come from within. Here are 5 must haves that will up your style quotient and make heads turn no matter what you’re wearing on the outside.

1. A Wide Smile: 

As clichéd as this probably sounds, a smile is forever your best accessory. It will set you apart in a sea of dull, straight faces and make sure you emanate positive vibes that make you the centre of attention. So pull your chin up, flash those pearly whites and look better than ever before!

2. Confidence:

A little dash of confidence takes you a long way when it comes to appearing in public, be it the confidence to step out and give your best, the confidence to be yourself or even the confidence to rock that outfit. Have some trust in yourself and a confident front and you will everyone from the camera to the mirror to the self-proclaimed fashion police becoming your best friend!

3. Risk-taking Ability:

Believe that you have nothing to lose and your belief will come true. When it comes to fashion and looking your best, a little affinity towards risks will help you in a big way. Don’t shy away from wearing things that might be a bit different. It’s when you step out wearing those jhumkas with an LBD or an ikat print skirt with the white shirt that you’ll see people marvelling over your sense of style and your risks paying off!

4. A Sense of Individuality:

Individuality is perhaps your greatest asset when it comes to being stylish. You needn’t follow trends you don’t find cool or comfortable just because everyone else is seemingly doing so. Similarly, you needn’t shirk away from wearing something you like just because it’s not “in trend” right now. Ditch those trendy skinny jeans you think are uncool, embrace those bell bottomed pants you like and get ready to ace that style game!

5. Some Self-Lovin’:

Probably the most important element of the list, some love for yourself will take you right ahead of the game. It won’t only make sure you feel good about yourself and in what you’re wearing; it will inspire you to follow all the other points, from the wide smile to the sense of individuality, making sure you’re good to go. So buckle those shoes, blow yourself a kiss in the mirror and get ready to take on the world!

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