Unidentified Horizons for Beautiful Escapism in Houses

Riya Lakhmani

We all like being embraced by the nature to enjoy solitude and to have some peaceful moments to just find ourselves. So we wait for vacations or weekends so that we find perfect getaways for ourselves but it’s not always necessary to wait for vacations. One can easily find such environment in house itself at two prominent places: the courtyard and the terrace.

Courtyards have always been an integral part of Indian houses, as small area courtyard designs adds a lively touch to houses and provides extravagant ambience. These outdoor places deliver the best experience of nature at home and right kind of plantation adds more to the beauty, leading to serene environment. Entrance from the front and side adds more drama and beauty to it. Presence of all these elements take us back to old and traditional times where this style was commonly seen everywhere. Now with a little modification and a tint of modern architecture again this style of architecture has become prevalent in modern bungalows. Now, in present scenarios, locations of courtyards might change from inside the house to outside the house.

Inner courtyards give an enchanting and majestic vibe. This is constructed in a way that it is present right in the center of house, sometimes with roof above and sometimes without roof. Courtyards without roofs are mostly common in traditional houses of Kerala. This area is decorated with all types of plants and beautiful flowers turning it as sitting area with traditional furniture in contrast to colour of house. Also, some households prefer turning that center of house into a mini pond which makes that place serene and that place becomes the best place during heavy monsoon rains, where one can observe the continuous running of water down the open roofs, turning that place into a divine prolific reign.

Outdoor courtyards are usually a part of gardens or sometimes especially floorings are which are mostly seen as part of Bungalows. These courtyards are more exposed to nature than traditional courtyards which are situated inside the house. This permits the breeze to pass through it, blue skies, wafting clouds, sun, stars and the moon can all be seen and enjoyed from this comfortable sitting space which can be decided according to one’s choice and taste.

Modern day courtyards are built on stone marble flooring but instead of beautiful flowers there is a lush green cover of grass or it can totally differ depending on designer. The colour of furniture should be in contrast to colour of house which makes it appear more dedicated to nature and it overall glorifies the setting making it more beautiful and serene. These courtyards are decorated with lush green grass making it more pleasant and beautiful, this also incorporates plantation of tactfully Tetris.

Also, the area of courtyard can include a pond this is very prominent in Kerala households, with seating area near it which makes it most serene and peaceful area in house. It allows breeze to flow freely and makes aura enchanting, right architecture and right plantation makes house very beautiful with serenity of nature all around. Also, courtyards can bring in dramatic entry to house, therefore, one can have a fountain, it can give a lavish look to one’s garden or courtyard taking us back to ancient times when this was commonly observed in mostly all the bungalows in some significant design. One can also add entrance path into the house which can be designed in the house among the lush green grass.

Terraces have been also one of the important and integral part of traditional and modern houses. Constraint of space has completely changed the picture of terrace. Earlier Terraces use to be on top of the houses filled with lush green grass and plants decorated with furniture and favourite swinsg, this tradition is still followed in bungalows with huge space whereas in modern cities due to space constraint tradition has taken a complete drift.

New Terraces are balconies in flats, which individuals design according to personal taste and convenience with beautiful flowers, furniture and swings, making it the most beautiful place in house. It’s one of the most soothing area of houses that one can design flexibly. Modern day balconies are designed in balconies with some plantation, lights and furniture. One can also put in comfortable recliners in balconies to make it appear more comfortable. Also, patio furniture can be used if nothing great can be done and one has a simplistic choice.

These two places can be transformed into most beautiful places in the house with right choice and decision of plantation and furniture, thus these two things can make these areas divine and serene making it area where one wants to spent most of the time.

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