Heart Healthy Lifestyle

By Vinni Japra

Want to live a heart- healthy living lifestyle? Here are your choices…


Meal Time

Be good to yourself

In the past few years, many people have died because of heart diseases and all this is due to stress and mind pressure. We tend to take a lot of things to our heart and over-think, which results in severe brain disease so the first step would be to “Think well & Stay free.” Proper diet, exercise and stress management all play a role, meaning everyday choices and behaviors can have a significant impact.


Cook healthy

Healthy food decides healthy living, to live a better life one should eat healthy and stay healthy. For example, a fried chicken breast can have anywhere from 30 to 40 grams of fat, while the same portion of grilled chicken is usually around 15 to 18 grams of fat. So to avoid lethargy one should avoid unhealthy cooking to live a heart- healthy life.



Get moving

When pressure strikes, one become impatient and then tends to lose the energy and messes up the work. The best way of get going is to go, have coffee, stretch, roam and not follow the old monotonous office schedule. By doing so, you increase blood flow, reduce stress and avoid health risks associated with sitting for too long.

Step way from stress

The best way to go with the flow and enjoy your work is collecting positivity around you and for that one should hang family pictures or the one which they get motivation from on their wall/ desk to attain peace while working.



30 Minutes of movement

Just like the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, “an exercise a day keeps the stress away” and exercise here doesn’t mean to go to gym and work out, your home can make you fit and healthy by literally doing the laundry, cleaning the house or playing with kids and can serve as an opportunity to get in a few lunges or lifts. No matter how or when you choose to do it, regular exercise is considered the single most important key to heart health.

Get enough sleep, not too much

Ever heard of cardiovascular disease, word seems to be big and the affects can be even bigger. Recommended eight hours of quality sleep can make you go long and live long. A good night’s rest positively affects your heart, stress hormones, immune system and mental health.

Don’t worry, be happy

Ever famous Ram dev Baba’s laughter yoga is not only an exercise; it’s a spirit which lowers the risk of heart disease. Be sure to dedicate time to doing what makes you happiest with people who make you smile. Laughter can lower your blood pressure; reduce the risk of stroke, heart attacks and other cardiovascular problems.

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