Top 10 Movies to Watch on Valentines Day

By Kanchan Chhabria.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and it’s time to bring out the romantic big guns. A lot of people discard this holiday as a marketing gimmick of hallmark initially and the other greeting card companies, chocolate manufacturers and other industries that have products that just spell romance.

But, you can make this day special without giving into their tactics and still come out as a romantic extraordinaire and hold your s/o’s (read: significant other) heart for a long time to come.  Just dim the lights get their favourite wine out, curl up in front of your laptop and watch some of the movies from this list which are bound to rekindle your romance and ignite the passion within.

1) Titanic: It is only fair to let this timeless, extremely beautiful story take the first position. A beautiful and rich aristocrat falls in love with a poor artist aboard the ill-fated ship. Although the end is sad, this enthralling saga has managed to please audiences since years and is worth the tears.

So butter the popcorn and lay out the warmest blankets and hopefully, your Valentine’s Day will be one to remember.

2) The Notebook: Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams star in this movie adopted from a Nicholas Sparks novel which is about a young man falling in love with a rich girl who is then forced to separate because of their social differences. The end is particularly going to appeal to your tear ducts but in a warm way and it is bound to make you feel lucky to have your valentine by your side.

3) Gone With the Wind: This movie is the epitome of romance and has all the necessary ingredients: passion, a heartwarming declaration and bittersweet tears. Set in the American Civil war era, an adaptation of a Margaret Mitchell novel, it tells a story about a southern beauty and her struggles to come to terms with her newfound poverty and her subsequent affair with a blockade runner.

4) 10 Things I Hate About You: There had to be at least one high school romance on this list and this is the one because it is a great illustration of the adolescent life and it’s tribulations along with a powerful star cast (Heath ledger and Julia Stiles) that manage to successfully bring out the theme; how the worst of situations can sometimes turn out just fine.

5) You’ve Got Mail: Even though online romance is pretty common now, this movie was responsible to bring it to the mainstream. With a charming plot of two business rivals who despise each other in real life, unwittingly falling for each other over the internet coupled with Tom Hanks’ and Meg Ryan’s undeniable chemistry, this movie is an instant tear jerker.

6) When Harry Met Sally: This timeless romantic classic has a predictable plot but the leading pair (Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal) adds their own irresistible charm which will always leave you wanting more.  Featuring one of the most iconic romantic scenes of all time, this movie is not one to be missed.

7) Dirty Dancing: 80’s fashion and dancing, a torrid romance between two people whom everyone would like to keep apart, the very suave Patrick Swayze singing his own songs, what’s not to like? The final euphoric dance number adds to its evergreen appeal and makes for one immensely charming movie.

8) Notting Hill: Who hasn’t wished about their favorite movie star falling in love with them? This movie gives hope to everyone wishing for that fantasy to come true with a fairytale romance of how a common British book- seller’s life changes when he meets a famous movie star. While Julia Robert and Hugh Grant are pleasing to the eyes, their sweet chemistry is pleasing to the heart.

9) Pretty Woman: A heartwarming story of how two people from different worlds who should not fall in love fall head over heels nevertheless and how they overcome their differences and let love win at last.

10) 500 Days of Summer: If you feel that the romantic comedy genre is broken and that nothing original will ever surface, then this is the movie for you. An offbeat romantic comedy about a girl who is cynical about true love and a man who is anything but, this is a fresh take on modern day love stories along with being endlessly inventive and is sure to win your hearts.

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