Winter is Coming… But What’s Next?

By Disha Chandreja

Winter is finally here and so are the White Walkers. The seventh season of the most popular series of HBO, based on the books written by George R R Martin is coming soon and it is going to be even more heartbreaking, seat-clenching and exciting than ever before. With the Game of Thrones fever spreading like a wildfire, we don’t know what the upcoming Season 7 might surprise us with. Will Khaleesi conquer the throne? Will Jon defeat the White Walkers? Will we be able to witness the most awaited reunion of Jon and Arya? Will Gendry ever be back? Will Jon snow ever find out that he’s a Targaryen? It’s all a mystery. Patience is all we need to unlock the answers to all our questions. With Season 7 right around the corner, the fans have a lot of expectations. And like always, the complete opposite of our expectations is what we are expecting.

The fans are so involved in it that it has become a part of their lives. Right from cosplays, to customised merchandise, GoT theme cakes and accessories, the show is involved in every aspect of their lives. The fandom is a different world altogether. The amount of loyalty that the fans have shown is tremendous and awe worthy.

And why not?

It is a complete package of entertainment, politics, charisma, drama, suspense, action, it has more than everything that a person actually expects from a show. The fans have an emotional connect with the characters of the show, which makes the dedication even stronger. Even though a character might not live for even a season, their portrayal is so real that it gives the fans that personal feeling and connection. It feels like all the characters are someone that we know at a personal level and the intense theme of the show leads us into believing that everything that’s happening is real. Ever since the beginning who did not see Ned Stark taking over the iron throne? Who would’ve thought that Tyrion would become one of the most liked characters of the series? The way they’ve build up the story over the time has got us curious and excited before every episode.

The music of the show is as unique as the show itself. It gives the audience a sense of calmness whenever played. Also, the connection that the audience has with the music is that a particular background score sends us down the memory lane and brings back all those emotions that were felt back then and gives us a feeling of nostalgia. Our very favourite – The Rains of Castamere takes us back to the grief that was felt during the Red Wedding. Game of thrones is the first show that has had its own music concert tour. It has received such a huge response and it is the first time they’ve done something like this.This shows how connected the fans are to the show. The concert tour began in Feb 2016 and will end in March 2016 and it features the music composer –Ramin Djawadi.

Over these years the amount of appreciation that the show has received and the heights of success that it has risen up to is something worth taking inspiration from. The best thing about Game Of Thrones is that it keeps us hooked. Each and every episode ends with a cliffhanger, making us want more and more. With the flow of the previous seasons, even this time it is likely to expect that many of our favorite characters might just die… with Game of Thrones anything is possible. Any diehard fan of Game of Thrones will know how difficult it is to wait for a year and then see your favorite character being killed right before your eyes.

It is one thing that gives you the adrenaline rush and also makes your emotions go on a rollercoaster at the same time. But, with the fans, it’s all a routine now. For every fan, it is a blessing if they find someone who is obsessed with Game of Thrones as much as they are. The whole fandom is like a huge family. Game of Thrones is not just a show; it’s a religion for the fans. Right from being obsessed with the anthem, to being emotionally attached to all the direwolves, saying Valar Dohaeris to anyone who says Valar Morghulis and quoting the famous lines of the show in our everyday lives, it is all a ritual. It is a part of our lives and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get over the obsession that comes along with it.

As rightly said, “there are two types of people in this world, there are ones who love Game of Thrones and there are others who haven’t seen it at all.”

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  1. Can’t wait for the new season


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