Auteurs: Director’s Cut

By Rohit Gaikwad

Films have always been a key aspect when it comes to lifestyle. It has constantly altered lifestyle over the past decades and will continue to do so, but film making in constant support with technology, has been paced. The flexibility and quality of film has evolved which has even entered in Virtual Reality movies, usually make you think out of the box as they inspire you and make you look at the brighter side as well as teach you to believe in yourself. Even Auteur filmmakers have considered it as a boon and are constantly driven towards the evolving formats and graphics. Now we come to important term “Auteurs.” In Film Criticism, Auteurs – a theory of filmmaking given to directors who reflect their own creative vision of film making. Some of our most popular and known directors like Quentin Tarantino, Alfred Hitchcock , Wes Anderson etc. tend to have a signature style or their very own personal touch to their films. Auteurs theory has been influential in filmmaking because it cuts down on their credit roles. It raises the argument of who is the ‘Author of the film? Is it the director or the writers, editors and Director of photography?

The “Auteurs’’ theory which immerged in France was propagated by French film theorists and has constantly kept the film industry in confusion. It is usually a personal stamp of the director’s unmistakable style.

Here are some directors which have constantly altered cinema in their own distinctive visual style with their body of work.

1. Quentin Tarantino

Tarantino is considered one of the most gifted filmmaker of his generation, being a writer and director as well as featuring in then can be considered as his trademark style but the talent in writing, perfect relatable dialogues and intense music is unmatched in this modern era. Tarantino’s music has been a major part in his films, Like introductory tracks for lead characters and fight sequence with hyper-stylized action from Kill Bill can definitely be termed as trade mark aspects.

Movies like Pulp Fiction, Jackie Brown , Kill Bill have been considered as Cult movies which showcase his technical mastery and attention to deal.

2. Martin Scorsese

The Master of film making who has more than 50 films under his belt has always pushed the envelope has been one the most prolific American director . He has come a long way from Raging Bull to recent project Mike Tyson. His visual stye flourishes in several genres but crime genre has always been his first pick . While directing crime movies Martin has developed a style which is antique when it comes to filmmaking . His constant use of slow motion shots backed by tracking shots and use of popular music can be considered as a trade mark. Good Fellas and Taxi Driver has some the most intense tracking shots which helps him to heighten a moment and create the correct amount of suspense.

From 1967 to 2017, Martin has always been a fan of popular music and it has been a constant factor in his famous scenes.

3. David O. Russell

David O Russell director has always left film critics baffled with the camera movement towards the characters and smooth tracking shots along with constant circles around the lead characters. There aspects can be considered as a trade mark in David’s filmmaking.

Steady cam usage, steady camera rigs and stability are also some important aspects which can be easily visible in Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle and even the Fighter. Some specific visual tendencies and screen breaking at exact moments has always been David’s important addition.

4. Wes Anderson

When we talk about straight-on-shots, we need to talk about Wes Anderson. Wes being a writer / director is one of the best examples of modern auteur filmmaking. A very distinctive colour palate and high production in The Grand Budapest Hotel, for example is some the trade mark. He has very whimsical visual style of filmmaking which gives a edge on fantastical feeling. Straight-on-shots usually make the scene look dimensional but Anderson accepts straight-on-shots as his trademark, and makes them looks like a painting with moving shots.

With Auteurs theory, the director should be termed as the author of the movie as the director works on set and not a screen writer. He shaped the whole environment as per style and gives the movie a distinctive look.





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