Broaden Your Minds, Open Your Hearts

By Aasawari Shegokar

We are the flag bearers of the age old traditions of our country. India houses to numerable customs which have been practised for centuries now. A lot of them are banned now for all the right reasons, but many are still prevalent. I firmly believe people earlier had much more brains than we will ever have. All the traditions too held some importance with respect to those times. Lots of thought went behind all the practises. As time passes by, the traditions should evolve too. But that doesn’t seem to be happening. And the strata that suffers the most at the hands of these traditions is women.

Child marriages seemed normal back then because building careers wasn’t a thing as hereditary professions were followed. And as of sex, they were very progressive in thinking. Couples were not allowed sex until the girl got her periods. Also they understood the hierarchy of needs and acknowledge the importance of sex in humans’ life. As opposed to today where you can’t have sex till you get married, and who cares what your body needs.

Women were not allowed to enter kitchen and not allowed to go to temples during their periods. Okay let’s get this straight, the only thing women did back then was staying in the kitchen all day, and the only time they would go out is to go to temples. When a woman menstruates she gets weaker, therefore to provide rest to her she was not allowed to work and not allowed to go out. Today without any understanding, women are just termed impure. Whereas back in time, it was a celebratory event when women got their first periods, as it was a sign that the girl has grown up.

The lingam is often represented alongside yoni( womb), the union of the linga and yoni which is worshipped as shivling represents the indivisible two-in-oneness of male and female, which is also considered as a phallic symbol, was promoted to increase childbirths since the population back then was scarce.

If you look at the clothes of any of our gods and goddesses we would see no restrictions and yet today we are made to follow dress codes to enter temples.

India was never a land of restrictions, it has always been accepting, be it in any sector. Homosexuality was never against our ethos, we have proofs in Kamasutra of men having sexual pleasure, and mind you section 377 is a British law not even Indian. Still we are accused of having regressive ideologies. Our heritage was never regressive, our older generations were far more liberal than we could ever be.

We can’t let some political goons to exploit the sanity of our minds and defame our nation with their manipulations just for their political agenda. We need to overcome the blinkers of our eyes to look at the reality and think logically, only then can we really progress.


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