Is Success A Coincidence Between Fate And Our Desires?

By Bharti Udasi

Fate. What is it? Fortune? Destiny? Luck? Or the combination of all three?

Desire – a mixture of will, determination and passion l suppose. And Success? Well it’s a big word for people like us to describe: who really haven’t been successful in achieving something that great. But mind you, we have achieved success, though on a smaller scale yet. So lets just be optimistic and confront it. Do we really have that hunger for the stuff we desire? That thirst or the passion for the things we want to succeed in? Wait! Do we really have passion for it at all? Well, I believe it’s not always your luck to boon you the success; it’s your hard work; your own yearning that will give you the flower named success.

Do you really think it’s a fertilisation of fate and desire? According to me, 1.75 out of 10 times it is. Because yes, there are people who apparently end up being successful just like that maybe because the universe is in a relationship with their fate during that period. But apart from that it’s your own hard work at the end of the day that will take your hand and walk with you to the path where success abides.

Some are born lucky and some are born fighters. One cannot merely depend upon fate and expect to eat its fruits. You have to have the persistency to know what success is. Everyone in this path faces a ladder that goes up or down. This ladder which goes down named “failure” is only to test your patience and desire to get what you want to achieve. Rare are the people who have understood the logic of this ladder turning upside down, which takes you up. This is when success starts arriving. It takes guts to keep trying, even after failing every time. Just because one fails doesn’t mean the person is not worthy of it, all one needs is a little more nurturance and patience to keep doing it. And after all, “failures are the stepping stones to success”. There are many successful persons who have failed terribly and still didn’t quit only to realise that success is theirs!

There was a guy who was cut from his team after being diagnosed with a Growth Hormone Deficiency at the age of 11. This deficiency made him smaller in stature than most kids his age. And the same guy later, won FIFA World Player for the year 3 times. This guy is one of the famous football players today: ‘Lionel Messi’. Also, the well known rapper ‘Eminem’ who is 13-time Grammy award winner and who sold his 90 million albums worldwide was once was a high school drop out, whose personal struggle with drugs and poverty culminated in an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

They have all gained success not as a coincidence of fate and desire but as something called passion. In fact, their fate screwed them up and that’s how they got their push to overcome fate and turn up into someone really colossal.

There has to be balance in fate and desire for coincidence like success to happen. Inappropriateness in any, will lead one to failure.

Above all, it’s a human tendency to take easy coming things for granted and… success never comes easy. Never! It’s like not even a penny but a hard earned pound. And one can never value success if he is not experienced how failure seeps in! There’s a saying “failure slaps you in public while success kisses you in private,” this indirectly states that it really ensures taking valour to get to success.

One needs to beat the stuffing out of himself in order to get success. And trust me, success takes your asses off, like really it does.

If you simply sit and cry just because someone or something slapped your butt, like if you have failed awfully and so will not try again, then you cannot taste the honey of “success”.

And to really face success, you ought to believe yourself. A belief which is greater than any difficulty, any darned circumstance. There is a saying in hindi “agar kisi chees ko dil se chaho toh poori kayenath usse tumse milaane ki koshish me lag jaati hai” and this holds very true when it comes to passion, when you want something so intensely, when you hold on something so desperately that all you want is excellence in it, you sure will get success.

So as far as fate is concerned, just like the stack of cards doesn’t take time to break, fate doesn’t take time to flip its coin so at the end of the day it’s your own hard work and desire that will ensure that the coin does not flip.


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  1. So many desires, hardly any time


  2. planning my next trip to prague!


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