Smart Traveller

By Mruganka Gosavi

Everyone deserves a break every now and then from their daily routine, but a good vacation can go to a bad vacation in no time. There are some conditions which are out of control but there are surely some conditions which can be taken care off. Arriving at your destination should be the best part of all, travelling should be stress free and fun in order to achieve that, There are few things one should keep in mind to get the most of every break they take.

  • Pack Tight:

Pack the essentials. They need to go in carry-on bag or fanny pack. These things one can’t afford to forget in check-in baggage. Essentials like earphones, wet wipes, wallet, passport, camera and a book etc will make travelling easy and comfortable. Packing luggage needs more attention as one doesn’t want to carry huge bag around on the entire vacation. Packing tight and smart is the key here. The most efficient way is to roll-up the clothes which will take less space and will be wrinkle free. Refills and travel friendly size items are one’s best friend when it comes to packing tight. And one can always purchase small items from the local market.

  • Book Early:

Travelling cheap can be a task but there are many ways to tackle it. Booking tickets/hotels five-eight weeks before the desire date is always a good start. Buying tickets on a weekday is way to get cheap tickets compared to weekends. Compare every mode of transportation on different sites. One can be surprised to see the difference between prices within the same mode of transportation. Different sites give different rates and choosing the cheapest from this given rates is half achievement. Clearing the cache before online booking will save you few more bucks.

  • Your Phone is Your Best Friend:

Research your destination and gather as much information as possible prior to the trip. One can look up on social medias, travel blogs or by simply looking up on Google. Researching your destination will give you a basic idea what’s the vacation is going to be. One must go out of their comfort zone when planning the vacation. Planning and mapping everything out will make sure that no time is wasted in discussion whether to visit the spot or not. Or if one wants to wander around, can use maps to spot a local cafe or local festival happening around through social media. Running out of battery is not an option, one must have portable power charger handy. Remember to recharge too.

  • Split and Stash, Stay Money-Wise:

One should never keep their money at single place, considering a possibility of been mugged in the worst case scenario. Always split the money and hide in different places. The hiding possibility is endless like dividing it each pocket, sunglass case, shoes or socks etc. So one will never risk of losing everything together.

  • A First Aid Kit is a Life Saviour:

Preparing for the unpredicted sickness is always necessary. It’s safe to take precaution then sorry. A small first aid kit of antibiotics, pain killers, antibacterial creams and for motion sickness etc for unexpected sickness like flu, fever, allergies or even upset stomach.


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  1. I sit in a cart
    travel smart
    Its art
    As somebody throws a dart


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