Water, Water, Everywhere…

By Rishika Yadav

Drinking enough water? 5 ways to ensure that you drink enough water every day :

Water intake is one of the most crucial activities of the day and it’s an habit we must inculcate it in our lives. But the hectic schedules of our lives lead us to either forget, ignore, or just somehow end up consuming minimal amounts of water or not at all. A lot of body functions and illnesses can be caused due to lack in water intake. So, until drinking enough water becomes ingrained in our daily routine, here are five easy ways to make sure we get enough hydration every day.

1. Download an app

Download an app to keep track of your water consumption levels. There are a number of applications available on smartphones to help us keep track of our water consumption and to remind us to drink glass after glass. And since phones have a permanent place beside us, this is a sure shot way to ensure that we drink more water.

2. Set fun goals

Try and set attainable goals for yourself like drinking a minimum number of bottles a day and make sure you make it like a game for yourself. This will ensure that you stick to these goals. It might seem like a lot but it actually is a very easy task to drink sufficient quantities of water separated into different intervals. Set up rewards for living up to the goal and punishments for failing. Involve you friends or family or co-worker in this to make it more fun.

3. Eat foods with high water content

Cucumber, tomato, watermelon and strawberry have high water content but obviously this is not enough to substantiate for the necessary water intake. So, make sure you eat these water rich foods and chase them down with some good old H20.

4. Rehydrate

Every time you indulge in an activity that makes your body lose water, whether it’s a gym session or an alcohol binge, make sure you keep drinking more water to replenish the loss of it from your body.

 5. Recirculate

Every time you expel water out ensure that you rehydrate yourself. So make it a practice to drink at least one glass of water every time you use the washroom.


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