Being a Man

No one has to call you queer for you to adjust your behaviour to avoid being called that. And yet, my femininity shined through like a Broadway star.

Mumbai: A Mesmerizing Experience

Mumbai is not about the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’, it is in fact about the very luxury and status quo it provides! Everyone needs everything here.

Smart Traveller

In order to achieve stress-free traveling, here are a few things to keep in mind.

When Pavements Become Galleries

Art, unlike other fields where you can climb the ladder by ticking the right boxes and taking measured steps, is as uncertain as it gets.

Taking off the Veil

The basic traditions and culture are common for all Muslims all over the world. But as we go into different countries/regions, there is an influence of the regional traditions on them.

Definitely Not Pyjamas

Effortless travel looks are more than inspiration for holiday— they’re a surefire way to pull off your next trip in style.

Lad About Ladakh

The highway roads from (Srinagar to Leh) and(Manali to Leh) remains closed for almost 6 month, both of these highways connect Ladakh to the rest of the world…

Auteurs: Director’s Cut

Auteurs – a theory of filmmaking given to directors who reflect their own creative vision of film making.

Water, Water, Everywhere…

Water intake is one of the most crucial activities of the day and it’s an habit we must inculcate it in our lives.

Broaden Your Minds, Open Your Hearts

If you look at the clothes of any of our gods and goddesses we would see no restrictions and yet today we are made to follow dress codes to enter temples.